Star Dust Whiskey Bottle Circa 1940 SOLD!

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Star Dust Whiskey, one pint bottle. 1934-1944.

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Star Dust Whiskey Bottle.


This is a one pint bottle of Star Dust Whiskey (empty)  distilled by the Merchants Distilling Corporation of Terre Haute, Ind. I couldn’t find much out much about this distillery other then it was sued at one point, and ran into trouble and looks to have been closed in the mid 1950’s. This bottle I believe dates from 1934 to 1944  from what I could gather researching the tax  stamp. I couldn’t find anymore information or any pictures of this particular whiskey produced by this distiller.


Condition is very good with both front and rear labels intact, showing some slight staining with no cracks or chips. It still retains it screw on cap and about 85 percent of its tax stamps. Please review the photos and if you have any questions pleas feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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