Milton Driveway Bell NOS 1991

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Milton Gas station driveway bell, DING DING. NOS circa 1991.
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The iconic bell we all rode our bicycles over a hundred times a day just to drive the gas station attendant nuts!


This Milton driveway Bell, (unlike the other unit we have on offer) has a plastic back plate dated May 12, 1959, which is the patent date and NOT the manufacture date. this bell is stamped in ink on the back  2 15 1991 which I believe to be its date of production. The bell is in like new condition, the cord is in great shape, and the unit does not appear to me as to have ever been used. I  plugged it in and tested it with a short piece of hose and it looks to be in working condition! Milton is still in business and has the proper hose for this unit available.


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