Early TEXACO OIL Sign Circa 1903 SORRY SOLD!

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Highly detailed and all handmade right down to the patina!
One of a kind and will not be reproduced.

                                                                                                                                      SORRY  SOLD!

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TEXACO Bubba’s Filling Station Sign. 1903  SOLD!



Shortly before the turn of the century when TEXACO wasn’t widely known as TEXACO, it was THE TEXAS COMPANY. Around 1903 the company adopted the red star as their logo and shortened their name to TEXACO. Back in those days when more people in Texas rode horses then drove cars, a “Filling Station” was just that, a place somewhere on the property of a general store or a black smith shop where a single gas pump was stationed. In my interpretation of this sign, Bubba ( a common nickname in the lone stare state) probable ran a small general store where this sign would have been nailed near the front door informing his customers that he carried the full line of TEXACO products, from gasoline to kerosene for lamps and down to fine oils for industrial, guns and sewing machines.
This piece is all handmade, hand-painted and hand-lettered, unique and one of a kind. Highly detail from the sun faded red star in the background to the pealed paint and rusted nails to the yellowed with age Shellac that would have been used at that period. This all wood sign is 24″ X 24″ fully detail on the back as well and is set with a heavy duty saw tooth hanger for instant display.
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